barrieres-honeycomb-pdbBased on the Aluminum Honeycomb technology, the AFL PDB-XT frontal barrier face is used by car manufacturers and test laboratories worldwide for the assessment of motor vehicle passenger’s protection in case of frontal offset collision.

This AFL Barrier face is based on works from several European working groups and car manufacturers. The PDB-XT barrier face is a part of the ECE R94 (EEVC WG11) and the regulation improvement proposal ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2007/12. Based on the honeycomb technology, this barrier proposes an evolution of the assessment of motor vehicles in case of frontal impact.

The offset frontal crash test using PDB-XT simulates collision with another vehicle and usually 20% to 50% offset on the driver’s side. This makes contact with a crushable aluminum barrier at the impact speed defined regarding standards requirements.

ATD’s dummies are used to evaluate the injuries in this type of crash. In addition, the barrier face deformation is investigated to assess the aggressivity of the tested vehicle.