Short view of AFL-Honeycomb

For 20 years, AFL Honeycomb Structures produces crash test barriers for manufacturers and laboratories of testing centers worldwide. Our research and development design office designs and manufactures systems according to your expectations and regulations.

We are located in Courtenay ( Loiret) 120 km from Paris just off the Highway. Our factory of 6000 m2 allows us to have the area necessary for serial production or control all types of realization with honeycomb and especially the crash test barriers.

Short stories about AFL-Honeycomb

At the request of UTAC and according to their specifications, AFL launches in 1992 for two years of research and development on Crashtest barriers.
In December 1993, the first AFL Side impact barrier is validated by UTAC.
In January 1994, AFL gets a first order of 67 barriers to European and US automakers: General Motors, Fiat, Wolswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, etc.
Today we are meeting the needs of global manufacturers and laboratories Crashtest for frontal and side impact with 6 types of barriers. Our customers are in Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, India) and Europe.

About AFL-Honeycomb

• Company name : AFL-Honetcomb
• Headquarter : 1419 Route de Viroy BP 60120 F-45201 Montargis Cédex
• Production site: 22 Route de Joigny 45320 Courtenay France
• Legal structure : SARL
• Capital : 240.000,00€
• Activities :
manufacturing panels “sandwich” honeycomb manufacture and development of impact tests barriers – Naf : 1621Z
• SIRET : 41762494700012
• RCS : 321 007 429
• VAT : FR 58417624947
  • working with aluminium
  • Chimists
  • Mechanical

Our areas of expertise

Crash test Barriers 100
Energy absorbers 100
Conduits airflow 100
light flow conduits 100
heat flow sinks 100

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